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Transvaginal Mesh

You were promised that it would help. You were told that transvaginal mesh surgery would take away the pain, incontinence and constant feeling that your insides are falling out. You were assured that your life could return to normal.

Yet today, you’re in more pain than ever before. Your insides feel like they’re on fire with a stabbing feeling running through your legs. Standing is problematic, and sitting is excruciating. Nothing seems to offer relief.

We Are Here To Listen and Help

Welcome to the Transvaginal Mesh Patient Advocacy Center. We understand the pain, both physical and emotional, and want to do everything we can to be your support. We want to show you the path to the most effective treatments, help you fund medical procedures that can turn your life around and talk to you about your emotions while dealing with all of this.

At the Transvaginal Mesh Patient Advocacy Center, we have the skill, knowledge and patience to help you through this frustrating and challenging time.

When reviewing the information at the Transvaginal Mesh Patient Advocacy Center, you will notice that we are different. We are studied regarding the problems caused by transvaginal mesh and offer sound solutions to help. We understand the legal ramifications regarding such a severe medical condition and offer expert legal advice. And we are compassionate to your immediate needs and have patient advocates on hand to talk and listen.

Call the Patient Advocacy Center now for more information at (800) 671-8063. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer free patient guides, information packets and peace of mind.

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

Probably the quickest path to a full recovery from damaging transvaginal mesh is having the funding to support your treatment endeavors. By filing a transvaginal mesh lawsuit, you can afford to seek alternative treatments, consult with noted doctors who are experts in the field of transvaginal mesh complications and pay off the mounting medical debt that has resulted from this problem.

Options To A Better Life

Call our Patient Advocacy Center now at (800) 671-8063 to discuss any number of topics including:

  • Treatment Options – In addition to traditional revision surgery performed in a hospital, some medical professionals augment treatment with the use of estrogen therapy. The goal is plump the tissue to better absorb crumbling mesh pieces. While it is not always successful, some women have found relief. Also, some physicians opt for in-office removal of eroded mesh. Although removing all the damaged mesh may take several procedures, some patients fine it less burdensome than traditional hospital procedures.
  • Legal Options – We understand that transvaginal mesh surgery is costly, even if it was originally covered by your insurance. And when you now add the additional cost of treating these unexpected side effects, the bills can be astronomical. While filing a lawsuit may not be the first thing on your mind, you should remember that you didn’t cause this problem. You trusted the medical device manufacturers, which promised a sure-fire fix. And now you have to shell out even more money, lose more time from work and run the risk of severe financial difficulty. All because of transvaginal mesh.
  • Emotional Assistance -- In addition to the medical ramifications of transvaginal mesh surgery, we also understand the delicacy of this topic. It’s not something you want to shout from a rooftop or even talk about with your best friend. It can be embarrassing and humiliating. We will always treat you with respect and kindness.